*takes a deep breath*

I’m an accomplished content marketing expert with 12+ years of experience building and scaling content marketing programs for startups and small businesses.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, I’ve taken the lead on comprehensive content marketing strategies, product launch campaigns, multiphase rebranding projects, and more. I’m well-versed in organic demand/lead generation, email nurture programs, omnichannel marketing, in-app content, online course content, messaging frameworks, external content partnerships, and product-led growth.

As I’ve advanced in my career, I’ve sat in just about every content marketing role: copywriter, managing editor, organic strategist, content marketing manager, senior director—this has given me a strong understanding of the inner workings of a content team and enabled me to scale content production from annual budgets of $0 to $1 million dollars. 

I credit much of my success to unique approaches to solving content challenges, such as applying agile and scrum methodologies to content production. These unique approaches have proven successful: In 2020, my powerhouse team of just 12 generated $254+ million in organic revenue, exceeding every paid and partnership channel in our organization.

You still here? Cool. Here’s more…

I have several years of experience in collaborating with other departments on strategies and omnichannel campaigns. This includes UX, design, paid marketing, public relations, product, software engineering, customer success, and sales teams. 

Although I’ve focused on B2B SaaS, my experience spans several industries: Startups, entrepreneurship and freelancing, fintech, small business finance, personal banking, healthcare software, medical regulations and billing, government small business programs, online education, and nonprofit organizations.

In addition to working with major players in fintech, healthtech, and online education, my published content can be found on Forbes, Business.com, BestCompany, and more. 

One of the reasons I enjoy content marketing is because I believe that access to information and ideas can change lives for the better. I’m passionate about helping professionals in underrepresented groups learn how to advance their skills, advocate for themselves, and build strong career paths. I’m an active member of the Forbes Communications Council and a pay equity advisor for 81cents, an organization that helps underrepresented workers achieve fair pay.

Soooo can I help you with content marketing? Abso-freaking-lutely. Let’s talk about it.

Content that ranks, engages, and converts