Content Marketing Services

Expert content marketing leadership, strategies, and production.

Most people think of blogs when they hear about content marketing—but blogs are just the beginning.

Content marketing also includes website copy, email nurture campaigns, webinars and other digital events, online courses, social media, eguides, and more. And just like any paid program, you can set up organic content funnels that drive traffic, clicks, leads, and revenue as users move through the funnel.

Premium content marketing can drive millions of website visits and hundreds of millions in revenue.

Ready to invest? I can help.

Fractional Content Leadership

All the expertise you need without adding to your head count.

Need a part-time or interim director of content or managing editor as you scale? Fractional content leadership enables you to bring expertise in-house so you can build a strong content marketing foundation.

I can help you expand your capabilities by crafting comprehensive strategies, overseeing projects or campaigns, mentoring your existing team members, or even helping you map out and build a content marketing team.

Content Audits

Analyzing missed opportunities in your content program.

How well is your content marketing program working? Are you having a hard time proving ROI? Or have your results plateaued and you're not sure how to get to the next level of performance?

Let's do a comprehensive review of your current content marketing efforts to determine what's bringing you results and what isn't. I'll also help you pinpoint untapped areas of opportunity.

Content Marketing Strategies

If you want ROI, you need a strategy...

Looking for a comprehensive content marketing strategy? I'll partner with you to create a detailed roadmap, including metrics and milestones that give you a blueprint for scaling your ROI.

Need something a little more modest? I'll help you craft a sound campaign strategy or messaging framework that hits the mark and helps you meet your goals.

Long-Form eGuides

A powerhouse piece of content that drives ROI.

eGuides can be powerful vehicles for building email lists, supporting as sales enablement tools, positioning your brand as a thought leader, or dominating the SERPs with a topical deep-dive.

From the first page to the last, I'll craft well-researched, insightful content. And I'll include design notes for callouts, sidebars, and charts, as well as social media distribution recommendations.

Website Copy

Want your site to rank at the top of Google? Look no further.

I specialize in crafting organic content that ranks well, drives traffic, and helps you convert visitors into paying customers.

Each page is created with your website strategy in mind so you get maximum stickiness and clickthrough. Clear and compelling homepages, problem-solving product pages, and enticing careers pages—I do it all.

Blog Posts

It's time to say goodbye to the content mills.

I've researched, written, and edited thousands of blog posts that have driven millions of organic visits. Everything I create follows SEO and UX best practices so your content ranks well in the SERPs and resonates with readers.

My keyword and topic experience includes: Business and personal finance, medical software and billing, leadership and entrepreneurship, corporate wellness, bookkeeping and accounting, all things marketing, personal and professional development, and more.


This is why I have a 100% client return rate...


You won't find any shortcuts, hacks, or guru gimmicks here.

You can expect quality content.

Working with me is, quite literally, working with me. I don’t subcontract  or use content mills.

On the rare occasions that I need to bring in additional support, I rely on a small, vetted network of career SEOs, writers, and editors. Each has a proven track record and more than a decade of experience.

No empty promises, no bullshit.

I can’t get your site at the top of Google by the end of the week. And I can’t turn that cheap eguide you got from a content mill into a masterpiece. Neither can anyone else, no matter what they’re telling you.

It takes time and thoughtfulness to build a powerhouse content marketing program. So I won’t feed you empty promises or push any half-baked approaches.

I will, however, help you build a data-driven roadmap to reaching your QL or revenue goals. And I promise you expert strategies and hard work, not magic.

Content that ranks, engages, and converts